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The hotel technology industry is growing exponentially every year. Case in point, at ITB 2018 over 5 halls were dedicated to hotel tech companies, compared to about 3 the year before. And that's just the companies that make it to ITB. Many of these companies are competing for the same clients. With competition, comes marketing. History has taught us that it isn't the better product that will necessarily win, it's the one who conquered the minds of the customers in the best possible way. 

How can you ensure your company is the one who wins that race? 


What to expect from the Workshop


find the right position

Your company's position should be easy to understand, it should help your customers understand what you do and how. As most people try to differentiate themselves from the competition, they place themselves in complex positions that the customers don't understand. But finding the right positioning message means one that isn't currently being used by someone else and which answers to a customer need. At the workshop we'll be working on finding that position with you.

learn how to get new customers

Cold calling is better than nothing, but how can you build a marketing and sales workflow that will bring you new leads and qualify them every day? You will learn how to establish yourself on the market as an authority in your field and build an inbound and outbound marketing and sales funnel that will replace cold-calling and "no pipeline" situations. 

write a plan you can execute

With all the marketing literature available online, building a great marketing plan isn't difficult. But building a great marketing plan that can be executed with existing resources is a whole different story. With facilitators who have bought in thousands of new hotels both bootstrapping and with millions in funding discover what works and what doesn't. Where you should focus your money and time to avoid the pitfalls that have already been tried. 

In the end, what you'll get is a plan that works for you.

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Day 1

designing the story, understanding the customer

Working out the positioning, tag line and making it real

Marketing your company is an exercise in explaining the story, a story that the customers can understand, relate with and find relevant to their daily lives. It is no longer enough to promise "saving money" or "saving time" everybody does that and the customers have learned to read through the hype. Who is the customer really, what do they need and more importantly how does your story and product deliver on that. During Day 1 we will get a deeper understanding of the customer and then work out how your company and product can help them. Nothing beats a clear, understandable and simple message for the right customer.

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Day 2

Prospecting new clients

inbound and outbound sales and marketing

How to build an efficient inbound marketing strategy, the process of creating compelling content and how to distribute it. On Day 2 we will work on building an efficient inbound lead generation workflow go through the tools you'll need and more importantly the system behind it. But inbound is rarely enough, no matter what is said it needs to be complemented with an outbound sales strategy. The question is, can you still cold-call and expect results? How do you prospect for new customers in the hotel sector. 

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Day 3

Creating the sales pitch and working out the plan

drafting the plan, the budget and pitch

With the story and the strategy worked out it's time to stitch it together into a plan. How to make this into an executable plan that works with your budget. How to prioritize what can be done, what should be done and what must be done. And working this out into a plan that can be executed in the 12 coming month. The most important part of the workshop is can you do it with the resources you have, and if not what resources do you realistically need to put the plan in action.



With over two decades of experience in the hotel technology industry working for bootstrapped startups, to funded startups and with global technology leaders to local leaders the team is set to make this workshop practical and efficient.

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Martin Soler
Marketing and positioning

With an education in marketing and sales, Martin went on to become a hotel manager in Paris. After which he moved to the technology and marketing side of the industry. Having scaled multiple hotel technology companies from zero to 1000 hotel clients, Martin launched Soler & Associates a strategic marketing consultancy for hotel groups and technology companies.

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Janel Clark

Having led multiple jobs in hospitality, Janel co-founded a prominent revenue management and training company for hotels. After which she joined one of the leading hotel marketing and technology firms in the UK and helped build effective revenue strategies. She consults as the education and training lead for hotels and technology companies as well as prominent hospitality schools.


Margitte Verkruijsse-Reiner

After an education in hotel management, Margitte held the front desk in multiple hotels before moving to the technology side. Moving to the commercial side with Worldhotels and then leading Sabre Hospitality Solution's European sales teams, Margitte then led the sales efforts of hotel technology startup to finally build her growth consultancy company for hotel IT, GrowIT.




The workshop will be held in London the 27th, 28th and 29th June 2018, the exact location will be specified closer to the date. 


The cost for all three days at the workshop is 4,500 EUR for a single attendance which includes meals but not hotel. The price for two people from the same company is 5,500 EUR.



In order to keep the workshop as relevant as possible for all attendees and to ensure personalized care for each company, only 15 companies will be accepted. To request entrance please fill out this form. Each company can bring two attendees. See pricing for more information.

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