What people say

Great marketers know how to simultaneously educate, support, and sell through their communications. Martin has demonstrated his capacity to do this in multiple contexts. As one of the industry’s visionaries, Martin’s work is widely referenced as the strategy foundation for thousands around the world. If you have the chance to work with him, do it.
— Josiah Mackenzie
I really appreciated working with Martin for his motivation, his help to focus and develop new ideas thanks to his solving problems skills. He has great advertising and marketing culture which helps tremendously.
— Sebastien Felix, Founder and CEO Buzz&Go
I can highly recommend Martin to anyone - his energy and enthusiasm makes him a pleasure to work with, and his industry knowledge is exceptional. He has a deep understanding of online marketing and selling, and this combined with his travel background makes him an important figure in this industry.
— Nigel Russel, SuiteStone
If you’ve got an online project Martin is the one to go to. Professional, relevant and innovative. It’s always a pleasure to work with Martin.
— Philippe Vaurs, CEO Elegancia Hotels
Martin has almost singlehandedly changed the ways in which we all conduct digital business across the hotel spectrum.
— Phillip Butler, CEO Pamil Visions
I consider Martin a top reference on Hotel Online Marketing, and I’m always amazed with his passion on the topic. I first knew of him through his research hotel marketing and he kindly shares his experience though multiple channels.
He is enthusiastic on the matter and always trying new things. I feel fortunate for having him on board helping us with direct reservations.
— Marti Giral, Louvre Hotels
Hotel marketing in a current digital transformed landscape requires a complete different skill set than what hoteliers are used to. Martin exemplifies the digital marketeer, while able to bridge constituencies in the needed transformation.
— Michael Levie, citizenM Hotels